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Lavender Creme Brulee
"I always forget how EASY and satisfying it is to make crème brûlée. It is the richest and most luscious of the custard family, because they only use the yolks. Since Crème Brûlée doesn’t have to be inverted, like their cousin, FLAN, they don’t need the extra structure of the egg whites. Their velvety texture is perfectly married to the crack of burnt caramel that lays on top. Opposites attract. Make them in a wide, shallow dish, so every bite has a bit of the burnt sugar. And, this provides you with yet another reason to use a blowtorch!! ♥️🔥! I steeped lavender in the cream, but you can use just about any flavor (ginger, tea, coffee, honey, star anise, rosemary and on and on.....)"
-- @zoebakes