Glazed Lemon Olive Oil Cake
"t’s citrus season! 🍋 and this LEMON OLIVE OIL CAKE is going to be on repeat the next few months! it’s SO GOOD! it’s infused with cbd but it’s totally optional (although i highly recommend trying it!). the olive oil gives it an amazing texture, it almost melts in your mouth. swipe to see the lightened up version (no icing) but just as beautiful 🍋 you’re going to LOVE it!"
-- @yogaofcooking
A Note from Feedfeed

You know we love us some butter, but there's something irresistable about olive oil cakes! The soft, moist, almost melty texture makes us want seconds of this cake. Its rich taste is balanced by the lemony tang, a feature that always has us leaning towards a good slice of lemon cake.  

If you want another citrus-forward olive oil cake, check out this one by @displacedhousewife!