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Julia Frey
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London based food blogger, photographer and stylist. My life is summed up in this feed.

Veggie Noodle Ramen

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Passion Fruit Mojitos
We living up our last holiday days in Sweden but we are all feeling a bit sad to leave our idyllic cocoon and re-enter the real world. Still lots of new and exciting things await back in London and we shall celebrate with these Passion Fruit Mojitos before the summer is all gone!
Malted Milk Chocolate Frosting
I've been sick in bed for the last two days. Seems so unfair to have a flu in the summer when so many exciting things could be enjoyed instead. I am afraid I am feeling sorry for myself and all I want to do is to bury my face in this bowl of chocolate frosting. Anyone else is with me?
Teriyaki Salmon With Bok Choy
Tonight's dinner. Teriyaki Salmon and Bok Choy. I served this one pan dinner with a soba noodle salad. No leftovers for lunch. None. .
Rhubarb Bakewell Tart With Almond Filling
Maybe if I finally get organised I'll bring myself to baking again. Until then I'll keep dreaming of this Roasted Rhubarb Bakewell Tart I made last year and recently published in @sweetdreamsmagazin It's truly one of my best creations.
Honey And Oat Granola Bars
So sunny outside you guys!!! I started my day with these Manuka Honey and Oats Granola Bars and I feel great. Who would've known that mixing a bunch of oats with honey could produce that much goodness!! The recipe takes 30 min to make from start to finish! My whole family is in love. The store bought ones have officially been banned from our house!
Classic Beef Bourguignon
Today's highlights My love is back from India He brought me a handful of pure silk scarves among other things! I no longer have to make my own coffee in the morning. This tender, melt-in-your-mouth Beef Bourguignon just hit the blog and its EPIC. No joke.
Chocolate Honeycomb Layer Cake
Today is one of those days when I need cake and I need that cake to be deep chocolate filled salted caramel buttercream. Yesterday was tough, today is better but my husband is still away in Kenya and I am about done coping with life. Now if only I could get off the couch...
Kefir Crepes
There are so many reasons I love Saturdays; I've had a sleep in but there are still two days before I am back to work, I have time for multiple cups of coffee and a proper breakfast like this stack of crepes. I actually taught my kids how to make them, so now I just get to lounge in my pjs, drink coffee and eat!!! #iwinatsaturdays