Fruit and Vegetable Appetizer Platter

"HOLIDAY VEGAN CHEESE PLATTER!🧀🌱 One of my favourite things about the holidays is creating festive cheese platters! And finally us vegans can eat 100% of the real estate with this vegan cheese.😜 I’ve made it using creamy cashews, nutritional yeast and other and spices to make it flavorful and cheesy. Sometimes vegan cheeses can be intimidating to make at home, so I’ve kept this recipe very simple and straight forward. The goal is to inspire you to make your own vegan cheese, not to scare you away. And I promise you, this flavour rich cheese will please a large crowd, vegan or not! #vegancheese #veganholidays #veganparty #veganpartyfood #diy #cheeseplatter #holidayparty #foodstyling #foodblog #feedfeed #kaylaitsines #eatplants #veganblog"

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This Vegan Cheese Platter has a vegan cheese to-die -for!