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Hannah Sunderani
Lille, France
My love for creating plant-based recipes begins from its benefits to health, humanity and the environment. Oh, and taste!!

How to Supreme Citrus + Citrus Avocado Salad

My Recipes
Close up of this Gourmet Peanut Butter and Banana Toast for #tbt. 🧡✨Sprinkled with crunchy granola and a honey (or agave) drizzle. . Which would you choose? 💛💫
Who want’s a slice of this Curried Cauliflower Pizza? 💜🙋🏽‍♀️ Made with a curry infused cauliflower crust, spread with garlicky hummus, and topped with sliced beetroot, avocado, brussels sprouts, pomegranate and oven-roasted chickpeas. 👅 . I’d like to bring this za to @edgarraw for his #edspizzaparty !🍕🎉 Edgar introduced me to the delicious world of cauliflower pizza crust, and needless to say he was a big inspiration behind this one. I hope you like it Ed! 💖🙏 . Find the recipe on the blog.👆Happy Thursday everyone! 💞💫
Coconut Cashew Truffles anyone? ❄️ They're making me feel all nostalgic for Canada, and that freshly fallen snow. ✨ Find the recipe for these ez nibbles on the blog! ???? . Hope you’re having a fab Tuesday. ????????
You are gorgeous in pink! 💞💫 . Here’s a Gorgeous Pink Chia Smoothie Bowl, to bring some colour to this grey and gloomy Monday. I don't know what it's like where you live, but it's dark and dingy over here! The pudding is made by combining chia seeds, homemade almond milk, and a pinch of (@rawnice) pitaya powder for its pretty pink hue. Paired with a fluffy pink smoothie blend for the perfect hybrid bowl. Find the recipe on the blog! 👆💖 . I’d also like to send this bowl to Anita @breakfastnbowls for her #breakfastnbowlsparty! 🎉🙌 She is a queen of gorgeous breakfast bowls! Congrats on your 10K sweets. 😘 . Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the week. 💗✨
Because it isn’t a Sunday without some waffles!! 🤗❤️ Made by the talented @gaspic_healthyberry. Which would you choose? I can’t decide! 😍🙈
Taste the rainbow and feel the glow with this Colourful Quinoa Salad! ?✨ I love making big salads like this because it’s dead easy to make, and stays fresh throughout the week. This one includes colourful veg like carrots, kale, cabbage, broccoli, and beetroot, fresh herbs, healthy fats, and plant protein. It’s food that fuels baby! ? I also want to bring this colourful salad to Laura @laurafruitfairy and Anja’s @xanjuschx #PlantProteinParty! ? Quinoa and tofu are two of my favourite plant protein sources, and it’s plantiful in this dish. ?? I know you ladies love colour and I hope you love this dish! ?? . Find the recipe on the blog. Link in profile. ? . Happy Wednesday everyone! ??
Gourmet Peanut Butter and Banana Toast! ?✨ Tell me who you would you share this with? ?? . It begins with whole grain toast, smothered in crunchy peanut butter and banana, drizzled with honey (or agave), and sprinkled with granola, chia, and coconut. It’s the toast with the most. ?? . Hope you’re having the loveliest #ToastTuesday!! ?✌️
Mango And Chia Detox Smoothie Bowl
Detoxing with this Mango Smoothie and Purple Chia Pudding. ?✨ There’s nothing bland about this detox bowl. ? The smoothie is a mango, ginger and citrus blend, paired with creamy chia pudding. I added a spoonful pityaya powder from @rawnice for it’s pretty purple hue. #eattherainbow. Find the recipe on the blog! Link in profile. ? . I also want to send this colourful bowl to my girl Sarah, @sculptedpilates for her #sculpted30for30 party! ?? Sarah is a total love, and makes the most colourful breakfast bowls. I hope she likes mine. Congrats on your 30K hun! You so deserve it. ?? Happy Monday everyone! Hope it’s filled with colour. ??
Raw blueberry lemon cheesecake with white chocolate sauce. ????✨ Made by my very talented friend @joeysplate. This is what I would be devouring atm if I weren’t detoxing this weekend. Turns out this detox thing isn’t such a piece of cake! ???? I know what I’ll be making Monday morning. ???????? . Hope you’re all having a very lovely cake-filled Saturday! ????????✌️