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Avocado 'Egg' Sandwiches
"I LOVE GLOOMY DAYS!! Who else loves gloomy days? Dropping a group of #meatlessmomday inspired avocado @followyourheart scrambled egg sandwiches that won't break your belt or the bank."
-- @themintyanne
Recipe Intro From themintyanne

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serves 2

4 slices of 9 grain bread (sourdough bread is good too!)
6 tbsp egg replacer
1 1/2 cup ice cold water
Vegan mayo, to taste
1 avocado, loosely forked
2 lime wedges
2 tsp lime zest
2 tsp red pepper flakes
salt and pepper
Microgreens, optional
Paprika, to taste

Mix together 6 tbsp egg replacer and 1 1/2 cup ice cold water. Blend or whisk vigorously until well incorporated.
Cook according to instructions on egg replacer packet. Set aside.

Mix avocado, lime zest, red pepper together until you reach a consistency you like. I like chunky. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Toast bread. Add mayo, add avocado mixture and microgreens (if using), a squeeze of lime, and add a dash of paprika before fully assembling the sandwich.