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Kayley McCabe
Culinary graduate and self-taught Photographer who shares her recipes on her blog, The Kitchen McCabe.

How to Pull the Perfect Espresso Shot w/ @lamarzocco

My Recipes
Brown Butter Cardamom Galette
My pear tree is dripping with pretty little Boscs and a few will definitely be making their way into this Pear + Brown Butter Cardamom Galette!
How To Make Almond Milk
I've been a coconut milk girl ever since making your own nut milk became a thing. Today I finally decided to try making almond milk, for a change. Different from my usual coconut, but so delicious
Pavlova With Smashed Raspberries And Pomegranate
In honor of the upcoming Golden Globe Awards, I've whipped up a party worthy dessert in partnership with @thefeedfeed and @lindt_chocolate that will outshine all of those sparkling trophies: a White Chocolate Raspberry & Pomegranate Pavlova!
Rolled Lasagna With Butternut Squash, Sausage & Kale
Four Cheese Vertical Roll Lasagna + Butternut Squash, Kale, & Sausage! And you all thought something healthy was on it's way....gotcha! It's high comfort food season and that means a whole lotta melted cheese!
Homemade Hot Chocolate With Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
It's snowing heavily out my window which is all the justification I need to pour a cup of piping hot cocoa heavy laden with a mountain of whipped cream. Not to mention the fact that we just trimmed the Christmas tree - hot chocolate is a tree trimming requirement, no? Shot for @dordachocolate
Pumpkin And Caramel Uff Pastry Wreath
Long day today. Looking at sugar sprinkles is a mood lifter, though, so I'ma sit here and stare for a bit until my energy levels reboot. Shuga power, peeps!