Talking Chocolate w/ Now Forager

From cakes to truffles and hot cocoa Teresa Floyd aka Now_Forager has you coverd


Talking Chocolate w/ Now Forager

Article by Sahara Bohoskey

Photography & Recipes by Now Forager
Teresa Floyd, aka Now_Forager, wants you to eat more chocolate — more cookies, more truffles, and definitely cake. I know, what a cruel task to assign!

Well, it's only natural, being our resident CHOCOLATE editor, she curates our Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Mother's Day (mom's love chocolate) and Chocolate feeds on our website.  Chocolate is part of her everyday life — Floyd also works at Elbow Chocolates (as if she needs additional credentials) and talks all things local food for Feast Magazine so you'll find Floyd somewhere in between styling, recipe writing for all things chocolate and food journalism. As you can see, we regard her as an authority on all things chocolate and why we sat down with her in celebration of National Chocolate Day, the best holiday of all.

Q: What was your first introduction to pastry or chocolate that made you want to work in this world?

My introduction to pastry and chocolate happened while traveling after college, and I fell in love with its artistry. Up until that point, baking was something that involved making either cookies or brownies for weekends or holidays (which I still very much love to do)! Traveling abroad opened up an entirely new world of pastry and chocolate, as an art form. I have vivid memories of seeing petit gateaux and chocolate bonbons for the first time in Paris and being immediately swept away by their beauty and thinking, “I must learn how to do this!” Especially, with chocolate. The nuances of chocolate are fascinating and the creative possibilities seem endless.

Q: How did you come up with your name ‘Now Forager’? 

I'm a fan of black & white films from the 30s and 40s. The film Now, Voyager is one of my favorites. In it Bette Davis plays a demure woman who blossoms into a confident woman; discovering herself and her independence. Now, Forager is a homage to this story as it’s similar to my own personal self-discovery that unfolded after I decided to pursue a career in pastry. Following this passion has led me to work with some amazing people, places, and it’s been both challenging and rewarding. It’s very much shaped who I am today.

Q: For National Chocolate Day, what recipe of yours would you say is the most Chocolate forward? 

My Silky Chocolate Truffles. It’s simple, yet pure. If you use the best quality ingredients for this recipe it’s marvelous and deeply satisfying.

 MUST TRY Chocolate Recipes!

Left: Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cookies by @sugaredandstirred, right: Gooey Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Chocolate Cakes by @jennygoycochea
Minty fresh peppermint cuts through the decadent chocolate for the perfect holiday end of dinner snack! This nostalgic dessert by @sugaredandstirred is a MUST try for the season! An intimate dinner party wouldn't be complete without @jennygoycochea's Chocolate Hazelnut Mini Cakes. These individual sized treats look impressive but comes together in a snap.
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