Save Yourself 5 Bucks And Master Cold Brew At Home

Anyone who loves coffee knows it’s an art form.

Simple Cold Brew Coffee, photo by @meganempero

Okay, calling homemade cold brew an ‘art’ is a bit of a stretch. It couldn’t be easier, requires only two ingredients and uses kitchen tools you probably already have lying around. So remind us again why that cup of ice cold brew at your local coffee shop costs five bucks?! Give our simple method a try and save your money for more important things like rent (or drinks, to each their own).

Get our quick and easy method for Cold Brew from our Website, here.

Now that you’ve got the basic technique down, it’s time to embrace your inner-barista…

Maple And Nutmeg Cold Brew Affogato by @butterlustkatie

Like most of our favorite things (think: pizza, pasta, ravioli and more), we have Italy to thank for the the amazing affogato. It’s simply a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over it, resulting in a melty mix of creamy coffee goodness. Get into it. This version by @butterlustkatie uses cold brew spiked with maple syrup and nutmeg for an irresistible fall treat.

Coconut Cream and Cold Brew Ice Cubes by @qpo

As with fancy cocktails, sometimes it’s all about the ice! Whip up a batch of these Coconut Cream and Cold Brew Ice Cubes to enjoy in your next cup of joe. Bonus: if you blend them with a bit of cold brew, you’ve made yourself a frosty coffee milkshake!

Brandy and Cold Brew Cocktail by @thehomemadehaus

Quality coffee + booze? You can’t go wrong. Shake up one of these Brandy and Cold Brew Cocktails for a coffee/happy hour at home.

Cold Brew White Russian by @barrelageddad

A welcome twist on the classic cocktail, this Cold Brew White Russian might just replace your afternoon cup of coffee.

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