Rome Instameet

hosted by Joanne @the.korean.vegan



After reaching the milestone of 1,000,000 amazing followers on our main @thefeedfeed Instagram account, we decided that we wanted to get back to what feedfeed was about in the beginning, which was connecting with like-minded people that like to cook and get to know each other via amazing imagery and creative recipes, local and seasonally sourced if possible :) Along those lines, we started doing a little digging into our database and realized that there are thousands of amazing people in every small and large city that we connect with on a daily basis and we wanted to find a way to connect them with each other in person. With that in mind, we want to introduce the feedfeed Instameets Series which will have us choosing a different city every couple of weeks to bring together colorful local personalities from Instagram and connect them in person through small get togethers, to break bread, share a cocktails, and get to know each other in a fun public or private venue.


We partnered with Joanne @the.korean.vegan who happened to be travelling through Italy at the time, to host our first Instameet in Rome on July 30th. We brought together 20 local #feedfeed community members, cooks, photographers and bloggers, to meet in Campo dé Fiori in the Trastevere neighborhood and get to know each other while stopping local market stands, cafés, and of course, sharing a meal together. Joanne (@the.korean.vegan) hosted and documented the event on @thefeedfeed’s Snapchat, providing a glimpse into their adventures through the vibrant city. We put together a nice gift bag for all the participants including a feedfeed Tote Bag, some local goods found by Joanne, as well as a beautiful pan from our friends at @ballarini_usa.


Check out some of our favorite moments from the meet up below and in this video!


The group spent most of the day strolling through the charming, cobblestone streets of Rome. (Photo: @davidpinto_)


One of the first stops was Campo dé Fiori, the most famous market in Rome. Just look at all of that gorgeous, fresh produce! (Photo: @isamuko)


Looks like Barbara (@pane_burro) found plenty of market goods!


Elvira (@ez68) captures a picturesque moment of Saghar (@labnoon) & her photographer, Barbara (@pane_burro) in front of a Café. (We love this behind-the-scenes shot!)



An Italian Bakery in the heart of Rome; we’d like one of everything, please! (Photo: @toni.brancatisano)


Barbara (@pane_burro) shares a candid mirror shot of the group as they get to know one another and prepare for lunch.

Italian Pizza, anyone? (Photo: @flavianaboni)


Flavia (@teverdeepasticcini) shares a snap of her feedfeed Instameet goodies, including a Ballarini (@ballarini_usa) frying pan, a feedfeed tote bag, and a beautiful wooden spoon.


Thank you so much to everyone who joined our first Instameet, including @isamuko, @markomorciano, @daniele.vergari, @mmmoky, @flavianaboni, @killbilla, @giuliopugliese, @taverdeepasticcini, @pane_burro, @labnoon, @carmalelalafleurdesel, @the_golden_hour, @puma_36, @marco94_fitness, @ez68, @thebrand79, @davidpinto_ & @toni.brancatisano. Special thanks to @the.korean.vegan for hosting this incredible event!


If you are interested in hosting a #feedfeed Instameet in your city, drop us a line at!