Our Food Editor, Sara Tane, Goes to Culinary School

Follow along on her journey here!


Ever wonder what it's like to attend culinary school in New York City? Our Food Editor, Sara Tane, is here to give you an up close and personal look at a day in the life of culinary school. In March 2019, she enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at the Institute of Culinary Education

3/6/19 ICE Blog #1: Why a New York Food Editor Enrolled in Culinary School 

Want to know why she decided to attend culinary school in the first place? Click here to hear from Sara on why she wanted to take the leap and sign up for school!

Want to watch the beginning of her journey? See below!

4/8/19 ICE Blog #2: Culinary Fundamentals 

Sara is already one month into the Culinary Arts Program at the Institute of Culinary Education! Check out what she has already learned here!

5/7/19 ICE Blog #3: Sauces and Soups!

Sara knows more about sauces than she ever thought possible after a successful first module at ICE! Read more about what she learned here. Just call her "Chief Boss with the Sauce!"

5/27/19 ICE Blog #4: Hot in Here: Dry and Moist Heat Cooking

What’s it like to be three months into culinary school at the Institute of Culinary Education, you ask? Oh, Sara will tell you. Click here to see what she's been cooking up!

7/8/19 ICE Blog #5: Module 2

It's time for salads, sandwiches, and breakfast! Click here to learn about this very exciting chapter of culinary school!

8/19/19 ICE Blog #6: Euro Trip! Regional Cooking in Italy and France

Our Food Editor, Sara, is Halfway Through Culinary School! Who knew that culinary school also serves as a geography lesson for the taste buds? Throughout the third module of culinary school, she's traveled through Italy, France, and beyond! Click here to learn about her newest adventures! 

9/16/19 ICE Blog #7: Asian Cuisine: Woks, and Curries, and Sushi, Oh My!


Our food editor, Sara Tane, is filling us in on the NEXT LEVEL flavors and dishes she's been creating as she enters the world of Asain cuisine. She says these classes were some of her favorite in culinary school so far, so naturally, we were very intrigued and excited to read all about her experiences! Click here to learn about Sara's journey into the world of woks, curries, and the intricate labor of love that makes Asian cuisine so special and unique.

10/15/19 ICE Blog #8: Sweet Spots: Learning Pastry

Sara is hitting all the sweet spots in the Pastry Module at ICE! She is working through all things baking, which includes some savory recipes as well! Read all about it here


12/3/19 ICE Blog #9: Module 5: The Glamour of Garde Manger

Finally, Sara is onto the fifth and final module at ICE and there is only a week of classes left. This module focuses primarily on garde manger, which refers to the cold station in the back of house of a restaurant. Sara and her classmates have touched on everything from hors d’oeuvres, canapés and pâtés, to terrines and charcuterie. Let’s just say, some were prettier than others. Read all about it here!

1/2/19 ICE Blog #10: Wrapping Up My Culinary Adventure

For her last post, Sara reflects on her amazing journey through culinary school! The good, the bad, and the ugly, it was all worth every dirty dish! The best part? This is just the beginning! Ready all about it here!

Want to see more of what she is learning? Watch below!