Make Ahead Smoothie Jars

w/ Cascadian Farm



Make Ahead Smoothie Jars

With Cascadian Farm 

Article by: Molly Adams
Photos by: Rachel Gurjar

When I think of living my best life, I envision kicking my day off with an epic workout, a freshly pressed cup of coffee and a tall green smoothie (the perfect shade of green, of course, because: Instagram).  My reality is considering it a win if I only snooze my alarm 4 times, guzzling down way too many ounces of cold brew and eating whatever is left of my toddler's breakfast (courtesy of his ever-changing picky palate).

The idea of taking 10+ ingredients out every morning to whip up a smoothie is just not in the cards for me, and that’s okay because I found a solution!  For the last few weeks, I’ve been putting together these easy, make-ahead smoothie jars using Cascadian Farm Granola. I’ve had a pretty epic summer learning (and eating!!) all of their delicious new products and after spending some time checking out the ingredients in their Oats & Honey and Fruit & Nut granolas, I realized that the majority of the ingredients I add to my idyllic morning smoothie can be found right in the box; whole-grain organic oats, honey, dried fruit, almonds, and sunflower seeds. 

The best part about these smoothies is that you can change up the ingredients endlessly, just follow the simple ratio below and you can throw in whatever ingredients you fancy.  I like using 16 ounce freezer safe jars and layering the ingredients in the same order listed in the below ratio. I usually do about 5 at a time, then toss them in the freezer and pull one out each morning. 

½ cup frozen fruit
½ cup packed greens
½ cup Cascadian Farm Granola of choice
1 tablespoon nut butter of choice
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed (optional)

See the full recipe for these smoothie jars here!

In may be a small victory, but starting the day with a bright and vibrant smoothie makes a big difference in my book. By using Cascadian Farm Granola, I know I’m using nothing but the best ingredients that are both organic and non-gmo. Plus, I can rest assured knowing that the ingredients used to make the granola are farmed and harvested in a way that is good for both the consumer and the environment. Now that’s something worth getting out of bed for!

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