How to Soften Brown Sugar

for baking, spice rubs & more!


We’ve all been there, a cookie craving strikes and you need to bake STAT. Just as you’re getting ready to cream your butter and sugars you realize the box of brown sugar that has been in your pantry for ages is hard a brick. What to do? In a pinch you can microwave the sugar in a microwave safe bowl covered with a damp paper towel in 20 second increments until it’s soft.

Phew, crisis averted! Now, here are a few ways to keep your brown sugar soft so you are RTB (ready to bake!) at a moment's notice.

  • Store brown sugar in an airtight jar. Add a marshmallow to help to retain the moisture in the sugar.
  • Add the brown sugar to a freezer safe container (or resealable plastic bag) and store in the freezer. The sugar will stay fresh and defrost in just minutes.
  • If you have time to let the sugar soften overnight, place a slice of bread (fluffy white bread works best!) or slice of apple in with the hardened sugar. It should regain moisture and soften in about 24 hours.
  • Buy a Terra Cotta Sugar Saver. You soak it in water, then store it with your brown sugar in the pantry. It can also be used to keep baked goods from going stale.

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