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Cheese, Please! Our favorite cheese recipes


We are teaming up with Lactalis Specialty Cheeses to share our favorite ways to enjoy cheese throughout the seasons. Check out this Charcuterie Board with goat cheese, manchego, and brie by Feedfeed's @andrealoretdemola.

Confit Leek Crostini

In spring, we seek out fresh, vegetal flavors like asparagus, peas, ramps and leeks to complement soft, creamy cheese. Crostini remains one of the superior ways to eat cheese.
In our Confit Leek Crostini, we use three types of French cheese: goat cheese, sheep's milk cheese, and blue cheese. The trio of cheeses results in a multidimensional cheeseboard. 

The crostini calls for Président Goat Cheese, Valbreso Cheese, and Société Roquefort. Each of the cheeses evokes a unique flavor when paired with sweet confit leeks. The goat cheese is smooth with a brighty, tangy flavor. The Valbreso is salty with a melt-in-your-mouth bite. The Roquefort is simply delightful when the intense flavors are melded with the sweet leeks. 

Serve the crostini with a glass of Chenin Blanc, and call it happy hour.
Photo and recipe by Feedfeed's @alexawhatsfordinner

Big Cheese

We take our cheese pairings seriously here at Feedfeed. We once had an all staff meeting devoted to cheese tasting. So, it's in good faith that we share a few unique recipes with cheese to satisfy your cravings on any occasion. 
Spinach & Feta Pinwheels by @chef_simi_aaron