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A sure sign that summer is in full swing? A giant watermelon ready for eating! Whether you eat it simply cut into triangles, turn it into a 'cake', or add a savory spin the cool, refreshing taste of ripe watermelon is hard to beat. Plus, it's super hydrating and is packed with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and even electrolytes to keep you healthy in the heat. When choosing a melon, give it a tap. If it sounds hollow, that's a good sign. Also, look for melons with a yellow spot on the rind, if it's buttery yellow in color, that means the melon is ripe.
Watermelon, Feta and Pesto Salad Skewers
Only 5 ingredients (watermelon, basil, pesto, feta & olive oil) required for these tasty salad skewers! The salty feta is the perfect match to sweet watermelon.
Here are a few more of our favorite recipes featuring watermelon!
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