A Weekend with Food Loves Tech

with our friends Muir Glen


A Weekend at Food Loves Tech

Photography by Clay WIlliams

Founded in 2016, Food Loves Tech (FLT) has redefined the experience of a culinary exposition. With a focus on how technology shapes and changes the way we cultivate and consume food, the conference has been incredibly eye opening to be part of. Not only have we learned about new and alternative ingredients, sustainability and up and coming tech advances in the food world, we met the incredible people behind this mission as well.  Now in its third year, Food Loves Tech combines immersive installations, tastings, leadership panels and dining experiences to explore and celebrate the future of food.

Feedfeed has been a media partner at FLT since its inception, running and filming at The Feedfeed Test Kitchen and curating interesting and tech-forward food demos with local chefs and members of the #feedfeed community!  This year we brought together nearly a dozen talented homecooks, influencers, bloggers, and chefs to join our founder Julie Resnick for immersive 30 minute sessions highlighting trending recipes and techniques for expo visitors, as well as broadcasting live to our global community who share and consume content from around the world via our hashtag #feedfeed.  This hashtag fuels our community and contributes to the world's largest crowdsourced publication (thefeedfeed.com).  This year, we were excited to partner up with a new sponsor of The Feedfeed Test Kitchen at FLT, Muir Glen, who produce exclusively organic tomatoes grown in the rich soil of California’s Sacramento Valley.

Together with Muir Glen, we wanted to dive deep into the diversity of recipes that tomatoes create flavor for. From the classic pasta sauces to delicious cocktails and even chocolate layer cakes!  We collaborated with renowned chefs such as Winston Chu, Mike Anthony Executive Chef of Gramercy Tavern, and social powerhouses such as Linda Miller of Salty Seattle (watch her demonstration here) to create captivating cooking, baking, and cocktail making demos.  

Pictured: (left) rainbow pasta with Linda Miller of Salty Seattle, (right) Julie Resnick with chef Winston Chu.

To highlight our own tech innovations, we also introduced our new recipe application on Google Home/Assistant.  Want to try it for yourself? Tell your Google Home or Assistant, “Talk To The Feed Feed”, or check it out here!

As the cooking magic happened upstairs, downstairs we created an interactive art exhibit to unveil Muir Glen’s new packaging which is more aligned to the organic, sustainable and conscious farming practices Muir Glen prides itself on. We collaborated with artists Lincoln Mayne and Almond Zigmund to create an immersive experience for the FLT attendees via a deconstructed tomato forest by Mayne in the foreground and Zingmund’s abstract print in the background, creating a playful and 3-dimensional interactive experience. Click here to see how we created our installation.

Of course, we couldn't have pulled off The Feedfeed Test Kitchen at FLT if it weren't for the chefs and influencers who took the time to join us and share their expertise in the kitchen.


The talent and what they made:

Baked NYC made Classic Tomato Cake

Google made Muir Glen Zucchini Fries with Chef Michael Wurster watch the Demo here

Kerry Heffernan made Tomato Water Mignonette and Shucking Oysters

Levain Bakery made Pizza

Mike Anthony made Carrot Soup with Coconut Milk

Salty Seattle made Rainbow Farfalle

Winston Chu made Beurre Blanc Poached Seabass with Tomato Water with Bitter Greens and Basil Oil

Danielle of Macarune Tomato Macaroons

Home Frites made Fries & Homemade Ketchup

Many thanks to our friends at Food Loves Tech for hosting such an inspiring event!
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