5 Must Make Classic Holiday recipes!

Kayla Howey of The Original Dish talks classic entertaining dishes for the holiday season


Classic Holiday Recipes with The Original Dish

Article by Sahara Bohoskey

Photography & Recipes by The Original Dish

Entertaining is FUN but it can also be pretty stressful cooking a multi-course meal with varying cooking times . Even though holiday gatherings and celebrations will be smaller this year, the age old dilemma of planning a special meal, and making sure everything is hot at the same time is still tricky! Kayla from The Original Dish is sharing some of her favorite holiday recipes and tips to keep your parties light, fun and tasty!

Q: You have such dependable recipes , and we love the seasonal and flavorful staples you share. How do you approach your menu? Do you have recipes that you make every year or do you change what you serve depending on food trends/new flavors you like?

A: I like to serve a mix of both! There are some classics that my family and I just cannot live without - a simple roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and of course a good stuffing. But I love putting my own little spin on things. I have fun playing around with different flavors in a Brussels sprout side dish or making some sort of over-the-top glazed sweet potatoes with flavors like honey and bourbon. I try to balance what I know people with love with something that may surprise them as well. 

Apple and Charred Chicken Salad with Pomegranate Sage Vinaigrette

Q: Ok - Soup, Salad, Finger Food - how do you like to approach holiday appetizers? Or do you like to go straight to the main course?

A: I definitely love serving a little something before the main event! It’s always nice to have something out right when everyone arrives. My go-to is a festive cheese & charcuterie board. I’ll put out a few cheeses, some flavorful cured meats, seasonal fruits, spiced nuts, olives, jams, and of course some crackers and toasted bread. It’s fun and interactive, all while satisfying everyone until dinnertime! You just can’t go wrong.

Q: I’m a little bit of an overachiever and I always make at least 3 desserts (I know) what are your must have desserts when entertaining?

A: While other holidays I like to go a little crazy with the desserts, too, I actually keep it really simple on Thanksgiving and Christmas - pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie. You can make both ahead and simply pull them out when it’s time for dessert. I’ll make some homemade whipped cream to serve with both, get a pot of coffee brewing, and call it a day!

My biggest tip for a delicious holiday meal is to plan ahead. Get your menu planned out the week before, make a grocery list over the weekend, go shopping on Monday, and then make a really detailed prep list of what needs to be done in the kitchen. Hopefully you can start prepping a day or two in advance, so that there is a bit less pressure on the actual day. Taste everything as you go, try to reserve enough oven space for keeping things warm, and definitely recruit help! My dad and I always do the cooking together, my mom takes care of the table and dishes, and everyone else pretty much just enjoys. At the end of the day, it’s about having a wonderful time and hopefully eating some really good food along the way.
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