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My Recipes
Walnut Streusel Topped Irish Cream Cheesecake
I made this Irish Cream Cheesecake with Walnut Streusel a total of 4 times last year...mainly to perfect the recipe, but also because it was too good to stop eating. And I’ll absolutely be making it again this year.
Sweet Potato Thai Coconut Soup
Too excited about this soup: thai coconut sweet potato soup with fried garlic & pomegranate seeds. It’s super creamy and flavorful, and honestly one of my favorite new recipes. I cannot wait to share it!
Make Ahead Fritatta Base
I am so excited to have partnered with @thefeedfeed and @vitamix to bring you meal prep that will not only make your cooking easier, but also way more flavorful! This vegetable packed frittata base can be made over the weekend in the Vitamix Venturist and used to create two unique frittatas during the week – one with caramelized butternut squash, creamy burrata, sautéed kale, green onions, and pepitas & the other with potatoes, sharp gruyere cheese, fresh oregano, and watercress. And trust me, these frittatas will save you during the week when you need a healthy and simple meal in a pinch.
Garlic Kale And Fried Bread Crumb Bucatini With Burrata
Thursday night dinner: a big plate of bucatini with lots of olive oil, garlic, kale & fried burrata, because I think the entire month of December deserves celebration!!
Harissa Kohlrabi Panzanella With Spinach Pesto And Fried Eggs
Egg "toast" for a late lunch! This plate is packed - toasted ancient grain bread tossed with harissa, smoked almonds, sautéed mushrooms & kohlrabi, watermelon radishes, sorrel, basil flowers, and a perfectly fried egg...all sitting on top of some spinach pesto ready to be devoured
Buttermilk Waffles With Maple Poached Rhubarb And Whipped Cream
It's a breakfast for dinner kind of night! Testing these buttermilk waffles with maple poached rhubarb for our mother's day brunch...all they need is some more whipped cream