4 Gin Cocktails

Light and crisp and perfect for summer


There’s something about summer that inspires gin cocktails. Mix your favorite gin with the fresh bright flavors of summer.


photo credit: @recipefiction

Strawberry Smash Cocktail With Gin & Basil

Freshly muddled strawberries mix well with gin and a splash of sparkling water takes this to summer sipping levels. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @kristy_gardner

The Best Gin & Tonic I've Ever Had

Superlatives are often given to recipes that use the best—not necessarily the most—ingredients; this G&T was perfected with three. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @colonialcravings

Gin And Rose Cocktail

Trust a British expat to perfect a gin cocktail like this one combined with rosewater.





photo credit: @hungrycouplenyc

Mint Lychee Collins

The pureed fruit in this cocktail sweetens up this classic cocktail. Experiment with substituting other fruits. Get the recipe.