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Emilie Raffa
Long Island, New York
Food writer, photographer & busy Mom aspiring to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Creator of, The Clever Carrot

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My Recipes
Heirloom Bean Stew with Dill + Coconut Cream ? The combo is divine. It reminds me of a subtle, island-kissed minestrone {and the dill is not overpowering in the least bit}! ? This stew/soup situation is perfect to eat for lunch throughout the week. Plus, it's GF, Veg, and Vegan friendly! Search recipe on the blog ? #f52grams #healthyeats #eatright
Peasant Bread
Bread is more than just flour + water: It tells a story! This is @alexandracooks peasant bread. It was passed down from her mom, but with a catch: She was forbidden to share the recipe! ? So for years, she didn't. But everyone wanted it. And instead of disclosing the truth, Ali said the recipe could be found on the back of a bag of flour (these were her mother's strict orders, after all!). But now her number is up: Printed and bound within the most beautiful book, you'll find the master recipe for this peasant bread! ?? It's so, so good. And the best part? You can use it as a base to make all kinds of loaves including rosemary semolina, oatmeal-maple, cheesy cheddar bread, and more. I've had fun baking from it all week. And I'm confident you will too. More on stories!
Spinach And Apple Salad With Acorn Squash And Smoky Bacon Vinaigrette
Happy first day of fall! How about a big bowl of fresh leafy spinach, acorn squash, sliced apples {and cheese!} tossed with a warm, smoky bacon vinaigrette?
Tahini Coconut Bars
Dreamy coconut tahini bars made with leftover sourdough starter, and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips! {recipe adapted from 'Sourdough' by @sarah_c_owens} And yes, they taste just as good as they look. ?
Zucchini Slice With Bacon And Goat Cheese
I've never met a single person who didn't like it. Behold: zucchini slice! It's not a quiche. It's not a frittata. It's not some kind of eggy quick bread. It's in a class of its own really, and it's scrumptious. This version is made with leftover Easter ham and Asagio cheese. Cut it into squares for brunch, lunch or anytime snacks. Make it- you won't be sorry!
Chocolate Soufflé Muffins
Sunken soufflé muffins! Despite their less than perfect appearance, the texture is exceptionally light, like a soufflé and the edges are notably crispy. They are flavored with coconut and cinnamon. They are GF, grain free, & refined sugar free! Delicious!
Roasted Radishes
I roasted radishes with lemon pepper seasoning, olive oil, and a pat of sweet butter to finish. Thank you for all of your recipe suggestions, by the way {a few posts back}. You have to try this- I'm hooked! Recipe link in profile! ?#radishes #eatyourveggies
Quick Lemon & Spinach Ricotta Ravioli
In the spirit of true weeknight cooking, I present this easy 15 minute meal: Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with Wilted Greens! It's so simple, it's ridiculous. And it's my dinner tonight. Just keep some ravioli in the fridge/freezer and a bag of baby greens in the fridge, and you're ready for a quick meal any night of the week. Easy clean up too! PS- the Sicilian lemon ricotta ravioli from Tradrer Joe's
Prosciutto, Salami And Chorizo Wrapped Asparagus Soldiers With Soft-boiled…
Fresh, soft-boiled eggs with prosciutto wrapped asparagus ready to be dunked in a pool of golden, runny yolks. A delicious weekend brunch! {and now I will manifest someone to make this for me...}