Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes
"Alright so I have to tell you a secret: I’ve been secretly making this Paleo Vegan ultra rich molten lava cake for Jared and I for over 6 months 😳😩I KNOW I know, but I have good reasons! I wanted to make sure it is absolutely perfect and makeable for all baking levels...because lava cakes can at times be tricky! But trust me, it’s literally perfect 🤤💗gooey in the center, perfectly sweet yet decadent, this lava cake is the ultimate treat for a loved one, yourself included 🥰"
-- @the_bananadiaries
A Note from Feedfeed

Warm, molten chocolate is the greatest gift in life. And when it’s served in perfectly portioned individual cakes? Pure bliss. This paleo, gluten free and vegan dessert just shot straight to the top of our list!