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Linda Miller Nicholson
Seattle, WA, USA
"The Lady Gaga of Food," -Cooking Channel. Current title: Pasta Ninja.

Burrata, Peach, Tomato, Basil & Prosciutto Salad

My Recipes
Rainbow Pasta Pinwheels
It's Monday & I was supposed to go to spin class but I didn't so instead I made these pasta pinwheels. They spin, so it counts as my exercise for the day, right?
Rainbow Pappardelle Pasta
Bringing back an oldie just to quickly let anyone who regularly watches know that my @foodnetwork Live show will happen on Tuesday at 4:30pst/7:30est, no longer on Thursdays as before. I'm always hesitant to schedule anything on Tuesdays because it's just so rude to tell people, "C U Next Tuesday," but rest assured, I don't think that of any of you . Let me know in comments if there's any crazy pasta creation you're dying to see made live. X,L
Pasta Bundles Filled With Pear-taleggio Cream
How delicate & adorable are these little pasta bundles (fagottini)? I love the new IG feature that allows multiple media per post- scroll over for a time-lapse video showing how I made these.
Valentine's Day Ravioli
Because I ❤ you, I'm showing you how to make these #valentines themed #ravioli over on @thefeedfeed 's Snapchat channel right now. Go take a look & remember, pasta is for lovers. ???
Homemade Beet Gnocchi
Farm-to-table beet gnocchi. When I ordered the clips, I had to decide: what comes first, the chickens (& ducks!) or the eggs? Thanks to #whpfoodfilms prompt, I think we've solved that mystery once & for all.
Homemade Rainbow Bow Tie Pasta
Oh, I thought you said good GAYS with guns, so I'm working out my pasta biceps to get some serious ??????. Pride bowties: as always, vegetable-dyed, organic, & handmade with