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Linda Miller Nicholson
Seattle, WA, USA
"The Lady Gaga of Food," -Cooking Channel. Current title: Pasta Ninja.

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Rainbow Pappardelle Pasta
Bringing back an oldie just to quickly let anyone who regularly watches know that my @foodnetwork Live show will happen on Tuesday at 4:30pst/7:30est, no longer on Thursdays as before. I'm always hesitant to schedule anything on Tuesdays because it's just so rude to tell people, "C U Next Tuesday," but rest assured, I don't think that of any of you . Let me know in comments if there's any crazy pasta creation you're dying to see made live. X,L
Pasta Bundles Filled With Pear-taleggio Cream
How delicate & adorable are these little pasta bundles (fagottini)? I love the new IG feature that allows multiple media per post- scroll over for a time-lapse video showing how I made these.
Valentine's Day Ravioli
Because I ❤ you, I'm showing you how to make these #valentines themed #ravioli over on @thefeedfeed 's Snapchat channel right now. Go take a look & remember, pasta is for lovers. 😘😘😘
Homemade Beet Gnocchi
Farm-to-table beet gnocchi. When I ordered the clips, I had to decide: what comes first, the chickens (& ducks!) or the eggs? Thanks to #whpfoodfilms prompt, I think we've solved that mystery once & for all.
Homemade Rainbow Bow Tie Pasta
Oh, I thought you said good GAYS with guns, so I'm working out my pasta biceps to get some serious 💪🏼💪🏾💪🏿. Pride bowties: as always, vegetable-dyed, organic, & handmade with
Emoji Ravioli
Believe it or not, is probably the hardest emojioli (emoji raviolo/i) I've ever done. Looks simple, but lotsa weird lines. Related: I just joined snapchat @saltyseattle so if you want more behind-the-scenes crazy pasta, come hang over there.
Homemade Edible Flower Ravioli
Ravioli with pansies & sunflowers embedded between the pasta sheets. Yolks, cheese, & potatoes inside, but that's almost superfluous. Enjoy your weekend, lovely people of instagram. #edibleflowers #homemadepasta
Caramelle Filled With Colcannon And Corned Beef
St Patrick's Day Caramelle filled with home-cured corned beef & colcannon. The yolk-semolina dough has meeeellllions of eensy weensy mini-clovers laminated between the sheets. This further proves my theory that you can Italianize anything- even St. Patrick's Day.