Chai Spiced Carrot Loaf Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese
"baking with pantry basics : chai spiced carrot loaf cake with brown butter cream cheese . . baking has been one of my go to stress relievers for most of my life (actually how this whole account got started). deviating a bit from my norm, I hope this account will serve as a place for you- anyone who needs some baking therapy using simple ingredients you already have at home. i’ve been reworking my thoughts towards some recipes I had planned to share (prepared weeks ago). those that meet the “pantry basics” will be shared soon. for now- if you have some carrots, yogurt, olive oil, sugar, flour and some spices, this carrot loaf cake is calling your name- if there are specific recipes you want to see, let me know! at the end of the day, we are all in this together. ❤️"
-- @olivesnthyme
Recipe Intro From olivesnthyme

This is the quick bread of our dreams, meshing the flavors of chai and carrot cake together in a gorgeous pairing. Top it off with a brown butter cream cheese and it certainly begs the question—what else could you ever need?