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Spiked Iced Tea and Lemonade Cocktails

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Garden Herb Pesto Pasta
I whipped up a garden pesto pasta for dinner with the intention to save some for when I drive down to the beach. There, I’ll be spending some beach time with the fam. I absolutely love this recipe because it’s perfectly awesome served hot, right when it is made, but it’s almost even *better* after it has been sitting in the fridge for a bit. The sauce is made from a variety of different basils from my garden (lemon, lime, cinnamon, spicy globe, and sweet) with some fresh thyme, oregano, chives, and parsley. I pretty much trimmed whatever needed to be trimmed and used that for the pesto. Garlic, lemon juice, and a handful of other fun ingredients made the sauce out of control good. Fresh, tangy, savory, slightly sweet and peppery, it’s exactly what you want when it’s steaming hot outside. Studded within the orecchiette pasta noodles are english peas, blanched fava beans and snow peas all topped with more fresh herbs, sea salt, and freshly cracked black pepper. So divine.
Miso Maple Glazed Carrots
'miso maple mustard glazed carrots'. And it's so easy peasy to make. After posting this dish a few weeks ago, I had quite a few of you request the recipe. So here you are! Shout out to @rollercoastervegan for turning me on to miso-maple everything.... Ok...why are you still here? Go make them!
Curried Potato Soup
I posted a cashew cream of potato soup and I got loads of requests to share the recipe- so here you are! This go round, I teamed up with my friends over at @spicemode to give this dish an Indian flare. I added their curry powder to the soup base to provide some depth of flavor and that beautiful pastel yellow color. I then topped the soup with roasted chickpeas tossed in their spicy Mirchi blend, which has ingredients like ancho chile, smoked paprika, star anise, and fenugreek. All in all, this recipe is super easy and delicious. Oh yeah, its gluten free and soy free, too!
Pecan Squares With Rosemary Shortbread Crust
Rosemary Pecan Bars So if you like pecans and rosemary like me then you will just die over these bars. Mainly because they highlight both ingredients so very well. I created this recipe for my blog and @thefeedfeed because guess what? I'm taking over their IG stories tomorrow! I'll show you how to make them while also gathering some pecans and rosemary. Make sure to hop on over to their story in the afternoon to tag along. Let me know what you think!
Almond And Pistachio Coconut Caramel Corn
Attention! I have a few announcements. First, I did an instagram story that I entitled ‘IG Cribs’. It replicates the classic MTV Cribs (that I love!) where I give you a tour of my new home in Mississippi and show you just a few things that are very special to me. (*Note* I asked @sobeautifullyreal to show us her setup and she did! So check that out, too.) Next, I did an interview with @picklesmag- they asked me questions like how I started this journey, what are some misconceptions about veganism, and what plans I have in store for the future. I didn’t hold back, so go check it out to see what I really think! You can see the article by tapping the link in my bio. Lastly, here are some maple-coconut caramel popcorn clusters with almonds, pistachios, and malden salt. I know I have been neglecting my recipes, but throw me a bone please, I’ve been busy with my move and all! (And by ‘bone’ I mean a fair-trade, sustainable, non-gmo, plant-based, bamboo bone ;) Ok let me go now so that I can watch an old movie and eat a bowl of popcorn larger than my body.
Did you know you can eat the green tops of radishes? Try sautéing them (attached to the radish) in a skillet with olive oil, garlic, and salt. This salad was mixed with quinoa, arugula, kale, fresh basil and a minced shallot vinaigrette.
Wild Pesto Pasta Featuring Bishop's Elder, Lamb's Quarters, Garlic Mustard…
Wild pesto pasta featuring bishop's elder, lamb's quarters, garlic mustard, and sautéed field garlic bulbs. The base was toasted pistachios, pine nuts, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and olive oil tossed with noodles. Studded within are blanched fiddle head ferns from the market. On top, wild pheasant's back mushroom bacon, wild violets (yes, they were still some in bloom!), red bud (from a previous forage), chickweed, and garlic mustard flowers. To finish, a sprinkling of the toasted pistachios. This one is dedicated to the one and only @jamieoliver, who was kind enough to repost one of my photographs from yesterday. His passion and love of food inspired me when I watched him as a teenager, and still does today. Thank you Jamie! Lastly, the whole process of collecting these ingredients and the making of the dish was part of my takeover of the @thefeedfeed's snapchat, so make sure to go watch the whole story! Harvesting the mushrooms, clipping the greens, and cooking in my kitchen. It was honestly too much fun, so go see for yourself. And thanks for having me @thefeedfeed. :)
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Hawaiian still life. I have been so busy with my students, I've barely had time to even think about posting on here... although we have been shooting some really beautiful content. Lots of work I must say! And I will be sharing more once I have more time to myself. We have two more days and then I'm off to Honolulu for a week. Bye for now.