Bob's Redmill Portland Feedfeed Brunch




#PDX Brunch with Bob's Red Mill 


Article by Kevin Masse
Images by Silas Fallstich
Food and Menu by Lauren Chandler 

We don’t play favorites here at The Feedfeed because to us, no matter where you live, we consider you part of our community; but while we don’t play favorites, we do keep a short list of our cities we want to visit and explore and eat in.  Portland, OR has been on our short list for some time.  
We were beyond thrilled to visit this great city to host a #feedfeed community event (brunch, in this case) with Bob’s Red Mill at Tournant.  What made this trip even more special was that we got to spend time with the amazing team from Bob’s Red Mill, who has been so incredibly supportive in championing our vision here at The Feedfeed, since the beginning.  As home cooks ourselves, we know how important it is to find the brands and products that consistently hit the mark, keeping us passionate about our craft and excited to be in the kitchen - tinkering and toiling away.  
Pictured above: The Egg Spread

Bob’s is a brand we can all confidently say, has worked its way into the heart and soul of our kitchens and through this brunch, we brought to life the range of their products. Through the culinary lens of Chef Lauren Chandler, we feasted on a menu that was creative and focused on the power of good ingredients.  Seasonal first and foremost, and with minimal fuss.  The flavors of the menu were big, they were fresh and they embodied all that is Bob’s Red Mill.  

Pictured Above: @meatballssmama capturing the #perfect shot
What we’ve learned is that when you bring together a community of highly engaged food bloggers, writers and photographers, they want to be involved - none of them, myself included, are good at being bystanders.  We want to roll up our sleeves and make something.  We are, after all, creators at heart.  
Top to Bottom, left to right: Our #PDX community enjoys brunch, FoodBellyPDX with Bob's, Carly Diaz getting the shot &  an epic overhead of the smoothie bowls
Our first course consisted of DIY Smoothie Bowls with Bob’s Protein Powder.  Chef Lauren created an array of toppings for our guests to get creative with, from popped amaranth, to edible flowers and pretty much everything in between, the bowls were the perfect start to the meal.

Click here to see the Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

After our Smoothie Bowls, we dined on a savory course of vegetable forward dishes that reflected the seasonal focus in cooking that the Pacific Northwest has become known for.  Crisp salads, savory warm cereal and so many delicious ways to enjoy Bob's Red Mill! 

With a background in health focused cooking and education, Chef Lauren created a menu that was almost entirely Gluten Free & refined sugar free.

The Feedfeed Team, Left to Right: Kevin Masse & Co-Founders Julie & Dan Resnick.

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