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author of "icebox cakes" and "the vintage baker" (may, 2018), blogger, recipe developer, and lover of all things sweet

Spice Roasted Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic Hummus and Tahini Drizzle

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My Recipes
recipe for overnight monkey bread (aka, essentially, a whole mess of buttery, yeasted cinnamon sugar doughnut holes baked up in a tube pan) is #ontheblog. link in profile. the to-die-for brioche dough is from @emcdowell’s brilliant book, #thefearlessbaker, and the monkey bread “technique” is from the awesome @csaffitz and @bonappetitmag.
murphy’s law: if i make a sweet intended specifically for my husband and boys, it’s like pulling teeth to get any takers. however, if i make a sweet specifically intended for others, each family member is eager to partake. case in point = honey roasted peanut brittle from the #vintagebakingbook. solution: make an extra large batch with enough pieces to prettily package up for sharing with a variety of lovely ladies AND to appease the peckish, post-football-game-watching peeps with whom i live.
bringing these tiny maple parfaits with pecan sandie crumble and toasted pecans to a dinner party tonight. always looking for an excuse to channel my inner mini-ball-jar enthusiast.
recipe for mini chocolate pavlovas is #ontheblog. easy-peasy recipe calling for ingredients you likely already have in the pantry (including @bobsredmill’s arrowroot powder or cornstarch (😍)). link to recipe in profile.
monkey (🐵) bread (sans caramel sauce) from @csaffitz and @bonappetitmag. third time in as many weeks. ❤️ #obsessed
full disclosure: i’m not one of those food-related new year’s resolution people. instead, i’m into overnight baked french toast with apple compote. recipe is #ontheblog. link in profile.
Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Large and chewy @lindt_chocolate triple threat cookies have three kinds of chopped chocolate makes for a cookie with an exceptionally high number of melted chocolate puddles. particularly when consumed warm. which is nothing short of mandatory
Brown Sugar Coconut Rice Pudding
first foray into the world of rice pudding cookery resulted in one of the coconut brown-sugar variety - made in my beloved instant pot, no less.
Chocolate Hazelnut Flourless Cake
Probs the best thing i’ve ever made;flourless hazelnut cake with nutella whipped cream. could eat it everyday. and, yes, i know: #hyperbolemuch?
Caramel Pear Upside Down Cake
in typical behind-the-eight-ball fashion, i’m arriving late to the upside-down cake party, and am desperately making up for lost time. case in point; this pear cake.