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Vegan Sweet and Yukon Gold Potato 'Gratin'

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Mini pavlovas with citrus curd. ????????Ohlala, is there a better way to celebrate the first lemon harvest? ???????? think not! These pavlovas are not only photogenic, they are crisp outside and soft, light inside. The citrus curd is full of flavor, aromatic and tangy. ???? We made these for our Quick and Easy Seasonal Tuesday series on IG stories today, so you can check that out. Recipe will be available soon ???? lots of love #jernejkitchen
Tagliatelle pasta with black truffle sauce. Made in under 15 minutes + heavenly delicious. ???? Yup, definitely making this for lunch today. Luscious, rich and incredibly tasty. Recipe is on the blog, search for “tagliatelle pasta”. Lots of love to you guys, happy Friday ???? #jernejkitchen
Soooooooo excited to make this vibrant, sunny lemon tart with cute little meringues ? What lemons will we use you ask? Homegrown ? ? ? yaaas! The day when we get to pick our homegrown lemons for the first time has finally come ? this tart is perfect for any citrus lover but keep in mind that it’s super full of flavor and well, lemony. ? Recipe is on the blog, search for “lemon tart” Happy Wednesday to you all, lots of love ? #jernejkitchen
Woho, it's pizza night today so that's always good ? What will you be having for dinner today? ? Step by step on how we made this treat on our stories. Sending lots of love and delicious pizza vibes? #jernejkitchen
Dark Chocolate Pudding With Honeyed Pears
Homemade, luscious Dark Chocolate Pudding with Honey coated Pears, Whipped Cream and Cacao Nibs. You guys, after making this one, we bet you won't use store-bought pudding anymore. It takes literally 15 minutes to make (+ 15 min in the freezer), it's incredibly creamy, chocolatey and those pears coated in honey make it out of this world delicious + it's gluten free.
No Bake Chocolate Caramel Slice
No bake chocolate caramel slices, I repeat, No Bake Chocolate Caramel Slices ? We made it four times, yes, ate it all, yes gained a kilo. But hey, someone had to perfect the dessert for you guys. And now we are happy to say. It's perfect ? This is what our caramel and chocolate dreams are made of: 175g graham cookies, crushed 60g desiccated coconut 90g melted butter 150g sugar 750g condensed milk Pinch of salt 125g butter 200g dark chocolate 2 tbsp vegetable oil Hope you guys will love this treat as much as we do, let the video and that incredible caramel and chocolate texture talk to itself. Have a sweet weekend, lots of love ❤️ #jernejkitchen
Slow Cooked Pork Burgers
Colorful foods on a cloudy day make life better ?❤️? especially in a form of a burger ? We have: +burger bun +cocktail sauce (recipe on the blog) + lettuce + red cabbage + shredded slow cooked pork tenderloin with cheddar cheese + tomato + carrot + onions + gherkins + burger bun How does your favorite burger look like? ? Happy, happy week, lots of love ?#jernejkitchen