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Can't get enough of these red lentil falafels 😍 Have you tried these already? They are so good!!!
Happy Thursday, friends ? I'll be in Dublin for the next couple of days, and wanted to ask you if you have any recommendations for me there ? Bars, restaurants, exhibitions, cool products, Irish vegan food that I must try....I'd love to hear your tips ❤ BTW lunch was this kale caesar with fries ?
What better way to kick start the year than having a delicious SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE, right? These 3 smoothies are all loaded with fresh fruits, veggies and superfoods, and they all taste superb ✨ The recipe link for the smoothies is in my bio or just simply go to ➡
My grandma made me a few bags of carrot and parsnip chips, and now I put them on everything ? Salads, pasta, soups, name it, I love it ? Have you ever tried them? They are so so so so good! Sweet and crunchy deliciousness ?
Nothing like an extra large vegan sandwich to start off the weekend ? * Pretzel bun with red pesto, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, cheese, pickles, baby spinach, kumquat, garden cress and red onion chutney *
Things I found in the fridge/pantry ? Butternut squash, spinach, lentils, hummus, couscous and curry paste - they make a pretty good combo ? What are you having for dinner?
Delicious Russian Style Quinoa Salad with some of my favorite winter goodies ✨ It's nutritious, comforting, budget-friendly, and full with amazing flavors and textures ? The recipe is on the blog now, the link is in my bio or just simply go to ➡
Quinoa And Spiced Cauliflower Salad
There's a new recipe for this Spiced Cauliflower and Quinoa Salad. it's a delicious toss together of earthy black quinoa, fragrant toasted hazelnuts, crunchy bell pepper, fresh arugula and roasted cauliflower bits. The cauliflower florets are coated with cocoa and chili which is probably the best thing that can happen to cauliflower
Kale And Bruschetta Grilled Cheese
The best/and cheesiest/lazy Sunday breakfast ever. Kale and bruschetta grilled cheese sandwiches What is your favourite weekend breakfast (in bed?)
Spiced Couscous Bowls With Tamarind Sauce
Yesterday's dinner bowls: spiced couscous with roasted potatoes, quinoa and kale salad, roasted chickpeas, tomato and a date and tamarind sauce