Fruity Milk Gin Punch

"Clarified Fruity Pebbles Milk Punch because I’m letting my inner child make the decisions today because it’s my birthday...and I’m 30! Letting all the great memories & amazing experiences I’ve had the past 3 decades soak in before the inevitable existential crisis sets in. Good thing I made a big batch of this clarified cereal cocktail, I am going to need it! I’ve seen some cereal clarified cocktails going around, but never a fruity pebbles cereal and since I have always been team Fruity Pebbles when it comes to cereal, it, of course, had to make it into a drink. You get subtle hints of the cereal in the punch which goes surprisingly well with Monkey 47 gin! The floral, citrus and lingonberry notes from the gin mingle with the juices and the citrus edges are rounded out by the fruity cereal milk. Highbrow, lowbrow combos are my fave!"
-- @craftandcocktails