Raw Raspberry And Coconut Slice
"I've come home for the weekend and to my great delight, I found a little stash of raspberry and coconut slice hiding in my parents freezer which was a very pleasant surprise indeed! I don't make it home all that often anymore because of work and uni, and to be entirely truthful, when I do come home it's kind of mostly to see my dogs (I'm sorry parents!!! ??) so this one has obviously been hiding in the freezer for a while but it's still tasty as ever!!! I'm actually kind of surprised it's still there because this is my nan's favorite dessert, which really says something about how delicious this slice is because she's very much a traditional and old-fashioned kind of person who's not exactly into activated almonds, kale chips and goji berries, which may not be in this dessert but you get my drift! I guess it just goes to show that healthy and wholesome plant-based food doesn't need to be boring and tasteless! I certainly wouldn't have thought my nan would go and tell all her friends how great my raw vegan dessert was, but hey, here we are and yes, I'm currently the hot gossip amongst the seniors of the town! Life goals = achieved!"
-- @young_rebecca
A Note from Feedfeed

A raw date and nut crust is topped with a coconut cream filling and raspberry chia jam in this gluten free frozen vegan dessert. 

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