Naturally Dyed Pasta

"This morning I got to learn that you can be late to check into your flight, lesson learned- don't cuddle with your dogs for too long (even when they're extra cute laying on your pillow with you and you thought 30min was enough time). Ooooooooops. The flight they put me on instead is now delayed probably because the universe and I have been having some weird times lately. I just want to play with pasta made by my girl @saltyseattle! I'll be photographing more of her cookbook this week.. well, once a plane gets me to her. (her last post has the natural ingredient names shown if you're curious about the colors)"
-- @wrightkitchen

Color combos:

Dark Purple: Acai 

Purple: Beet Blueberry

Royal Blue: Butterfly Pea Flower

Turquoise: Spirulina

Light Green: Green Pea, blanched, shocked and pureed

Yellow-Green: Matcha

Dark Green: Kale, blanched, shocked and pureed

Yellow: Turmeric

Orange: Harissa

Red: Beet-Harissa

White: Milk

Brown: Cacao

Light Brown: Chestnut

Black: Charcoal 

@saltyseattle's Basic Pasta Recipe:

1 cup 00 pasta flour
1 cup semolina flour
4 egg yolks
2 whole eggs

Mix together all ingredients in a medium bowl*. Once combined, knead into a ball of dough. Continue kneading until supple, about 5 minutes. Cover in plastic wrap & rest for 1 hour. Sheet and shape as desired.

*To add color, add a little of the ingredient that produces your color of choice a little at a time until you reach the desired shade.