Watermelon, Feta and Pesto Salad Skewers

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Is there anything more refreshing than ice cold watermelon on a hot day? Add salty feta and herbaceous pesto from Blue Moose of Boulder and you have the ultimate summer salad that's easy to serve! Plus, put those watermelon scraps to good use in an icy Watermelon & Rosé slushie.

Watermelon, Feta and Pesto Salad Skewers

makes 16 skewers 

1 medium seedless watermelon (about 8-10 lbs)
3 7oz blocks of feta cheese, cut into cubes
16 leaves fresh basil 
olive oil, for drizzling
wooden food picks, for serving
Cut each end off the watermelon and trim away the rind. Cut the melon into 1 inch thick slices. Choose 4 of the largest slices for punching out the shapes (we used a square, a round and a star cookie cutter). Reserve the leftover watermelon for eating, or cut into cubes and freeze for Watermelon & Rosé Slushies (see below). 
Cut the the watermelon into desired shapes using metal cookie cutters (freeze scraps for cocktail making!), then top with fresh basil, feta cubes and a generous dollop of Blue Moose of Boulder Pesto. Drizzle with olive oil, then skewer each piece of melon with a wooden food pick. Enjoy! 
Watermelon & Rosé Slushies
serves 6
4 cups frozen watermelon cubes or scraps 
1 bottle of rosé 
2 tbsp honey or simple syrup (optional)
fresh mint for garnish 
Blend the frozen watermelon with the wine in a high-powered blender. Add honey or sweetener of choice to taste depending on the sweetness of the wine you use and your taste preference. Serve in wine glasses and garnish with fresh mint. 

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