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Aimee Twigger
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I have always baked and shared sweet recipes on my blog until recently I have fallen I love with savoury cooking too.

Espresso Myths: Magical Crema

My Recipes
Miso Chicken & Mushroom Pie With Black Sesame Sichuan Pepper Crust
I don't often share un styled process shots but I love something about this grey pastry it's made with sesame seeds and Sichuan pepper and the filling was miso chicken and mushroom I just posted the recipe on the blog #ontheblog #messy #livefolk #lifeandthyme #foodphotography #gatheringslikethese #gloobyfood
Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken
I feel like I could literally pop from all the amazing food I have eaten this holiday so far. We are planning our New Year's Day dinner and I'm cooking this chicken and we are also cooking pork too and all the trimmings. Just thinking about it at the moment makes me feel a bit sick though as i feel like I have eaten so much, in the meantime I need some ideas for easy healthier recipes for the rest of the week as I can't cope with any more rich food, I'm thinking of a chickpea stew or soup how are you coping with all the holiday food?
Danish Pastry Swirls With Cinnamon Sugar And Lemon Glaze
My book Aimees perfect bakes is out today with @murdochbooks_uk the recipe for these cinnamon Danishes is in there. Aimees perfect bakes is a book of 50 sweet and savoury bakes you can get it from Amazon now 🎉#foodbloguk #foodblogfeed #baking #aimeesperfectbakes #cookbook #lifeandthyme #livefolk #thatsdarling #still_life_gallery #foodnetwork #foodandwine #foodstyling #foodblogger #feedfeed #f52grams #eattheworld #beautifulcuisines #gatheringslikethese #verilymoment #eeeeeats #gloobyfood #buzzfeedfood #yahoofood
Daisy Cooper Ceramic Scoop
I still have a few Slices of this borage honey pie left calling me from the fridge but I'm trying to resist it as I want to go on a diet so I can loose some weight before India in November so instead I'm eating some honeydew melon for lunch, I'm not sure how well this good behaviour will last as I'm planning on Making some baklava later to take to my mums tomorrow lol, I will put this recipe on the blog this week I used borage honey from @londonhoneycompany and borage flowers from @edible_flowers
Rye Seed Cake
If you had to choose would you prefer a slice of bundt/pound cake or a slice of layer cake It's a hard one as I love a drizzle icing like this one. my partner would defiantly prefer a layer cake as he loves the buttercream frosting. The cake I made from @stylesweetca book last weekend combined both so we where both happy. This cake is a rye pound cake from @heidijswanson book #feedfeed
Apple Rose And Rhubarb Pistachio Pie
Thinking about this apple rhubarb and rose pie with pistachios from the other day and can't wait to make another. the details for the styling photography workshops is up now over on @mademoisellepoirot website there are several dates based around different themes, tomorrow im making a strawberry cake so stay tuned
Vegan Match Tres Leches Cake
@silvia_salvialimone just made me think about this collab with her and @thelittleplantation it was so fun to get together with two amazing ladies I met through @instagram, social media has let me meet so many amazing people I can't wait for more collaborations I love getting together with like minding people and seeing what we create, I am about to try a new pie recipe wish me luck
Waffles With Black Sesame, Ricotta, Rose & Pomegranate Roasted Rhubarb
Waffles for Waffle Wednesday (although they are great for any day lol) they are black Sesame ricotta waffles with rose and pomegranate roasted rhubarb
Blood Orange Pie
I have put the recipe for this black bottomed blood orange pie on the blog, my book is getting released tomorrow so I'm off to London in the morning for lunch with @murdochbooks_uk and then I'm staying with @thelittleplantation and we are going to make a mini vegan tres leches cake together its going to be fun #ontheblog #foodie #f52grams #feedfeed #foodporn #foodblogger #vscofood #instafood #onmytable #onvtable #fourandtwentyblackbirds #baking #pie #bloodorange