Autumn Inspired Panzanella Salad
"I am so excited to get the opportunity to partner with @ballarini_usa and @thefeedfeed with this beautiful, heavy duty pan from Ballarini, to make my Autumn Panzanella Salad!??? The pan has a unique feature where the indicator turns red, when it is ready, and you can sauté your food within minutes, because of it's ability to heat the pan evenly for faster, even cooking! The Panzanella salad is from the Tuscan region of Italy?? and originally consists of stale bread and tomatoes, onions, basil, oil and vinegar. My take on this salad is a gorgeous autumn?inspired panzanella salad with oven crusted bread, oven roasted delicata squash, green and red apples??, pomegranate seeds, brussels sprouts, salted maple pumpkin seeds, herbed goat cheese, crispy sage? drizzled with an apple cider-maple-garlic vinaigrette. With the bread and squash in the oven, I was able to get the brussels sprouts sautéed in the pan within a couple of minutes, roast the salted maple pumpkin seeds within a minute, and fry the sage within a minute as well, toss it all together in a large bowl and your salad is good to go! Absolutely delicious taste of all the fall flavors in one bowl ! A must make this season! ?❤️. #feedfeed #delicious #cookcl #thisisfall #fall #eattheworld #bareaders #nomnom #ballarini #partner #ad #colavita"
-- @thejamlab