Jalapeño-Kiwi-Cucumber Kombucha Ice Pops
A Note from Feedfeed

All of the flavor of Health-Ade Jalapeño-Kiwi-Cucumber kombucha in an ice pop with fresh cucumber and kiwi sounds good to us! #FollowYourGut and make these for a smart way to cool off this summer. 

Makes 6-8 Ice Pops

8 thin slices of cucumber quartered
8 thin slices of kiwi halved
1 bottle Health-Ade Jalapeño-Kiwi-Cucumber Kombucha
4 oz fresh lime juice

Place the cucumber and kiwi slices in the ice pop molds. Mix the lime juice and kombucha in a measuring cup, and pour into the molds filling them almost to the top. Add popsicle sticks, then set in the freezer until solid. Enjoy!