What's Trending this Week: Winter Squash

Our Favorite Winter Squash Recipes


What's Trending this Week: Winter Squash



In the middle of February in the Northeast, fresh, local ingredients are hard to come by. Winter Squash, in it's endless varieties (Butternut, Blue Hubbard, Red Kuri, Acorn and Buttercup, to name a few) are one of the few things in abundance, and although typically celebrated around Thanksgiving, it often goes overlooked once Black Friday rolls around. Since we're currently swimming in squash, we combed our  site  and pulled together our favorite recipes lauding these handy gourds. 

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Find 80+ of our Favorite Winter Squash Recipes



Our Favorite Sweets Featuring Winter Squash

Dessert may not be your first thought for using up winter squash, but it's one of our favorite preparations. Adding baked squash to quick breads, cakes and even cookies adds natural sweetness and moisture. I recently sat down with Athena Calderone of  Eyeswoon, to talk about my love of local seasonal produce, specifically winter squash, all captured on her beautiful site  here

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Easy Weeknight Winter Squash Dinners

By baking whole winter squash or roasting squash cubes off in the oven ahead of time (we like to do this on Sunday) you can pull together a hearty weeknight meal in no time. Both of these recipes call for Butternut Squash, but you could easily substitute it for whatever squash you have on hand. 


Find 80+ More of our Favorite Winter Squash Recipes



Squash Soup

Squash soups make for great comfort food. The silky-smooth texture, sweet and savory flavor and beautiful yellow & orange color keep Winter soup-making interesting!



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Squash for Breakfast!


Last but not least, we can't forget the most important meal of the day. I love a nice piece of toast topped with roasted squash and a sprinkle of toasted nuts for a simple breakfast, but here are two more great options from the feedfeed community:

Layers of puff pastry are stuffed with roasted kabocha squash and fresh ricotta cheese and then waffled!

 You could also cook the squash rounds ahead of time and fry the egg in the pre-cooked squash on the stove top. 



Find 80+ More of our Favorite Winter Squash Recipes


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