Feedfeed’s Virtual Pride Potluck 2020

Let's Get Proud with Julia Turshen, David Lebovitz, DeVonn Francis, Rick Andrew Martinez, and Edd Kimber!



Let’s Get Proud.


Pride is about celebration.

What better way is there to celebrate the vibrant queer voices within the food world than honoring the ways they love to express themselves in the kitchen?! That might mean a bright recipe covering all the colors of the rainbow. That might mean a dish tied deeply to their identify and queer narrative. That might mean something that just happens to be their favorite dish to make in June for their chosen family. Even though parades and gatherings are cancelled, let’s find reasons to celebrate… and eat!


Pride is about community.

One of Feedfeed’s core values is building community through a love of food. For the month of June, I want to shine a spotlight on our favorite queer chefs and creators to share recipes and stories about what Pride means to them. Julia Turshen, David Lebovitz, DeVonn Francis, Rick Andrew Martinez, and Edd Kimber will be joining me in this potluck, which will come to life on Instagram Live from June 22 to 26! Each day at 12pm ET, I’ll be joined by one of them to cook up their contribution and chat. But, it doesn’t stop there, since you can and should get involved in the fun! Share what you’re cooking for Pride on Instagram and tag #feedfeed and #feedfeedpride in your posts and stories. We’ll be sharing our favorites on our page all month!

So, what dish are you bringing to Feedfeed’s Virtual Pride Potluck?

Pride is about action.

While rainbows are pretty, Pride at its core is about fighting for social acceptance and legal equality for the queer community, especially for the Trans POC who have fought at the frontlines for the existence of Pride. With that in mind, we ask that you help give back to the community by joining us to support some incredible LGBTQ organizations. Every day from June 22-26 on our Instagram Lives, we will be using the donation function to help raise money for the LGBTQ organization of our guest’s choice. If you tune in, try to give what you can to help support such meaningful causes for the community. In addition, Feedfeed has partnered with Kroger to secure donations to both GLAAD, an organization at the forefront of media fighting for accelerating acceptance of the LGBTQ community, and Lighthouse Safe and Supported, a Cincinnati-based organization working to support homeless queer youth and queer youth in crisis. If you'd like to learn more about the history of Pride, head here and here for some wonderfully reported pieces on the subject!


With that, let me welcome you to Feedfeed’s Virtual Pride Potluck… a gathering of the queer food world I’m quite proud of it!

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