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The Feedfeed team recently partnered with the Black History Month Virtual Potluck (BHMVP) to offer a lively discussion about the diversity and nuances of Black food and Black food perspectives. Moderated by Meiko Temple @Meikoandthedish, the panel brought together food content creators Jazzman Woodard @dashofjazzblog, Geo Darwin @geostable, Marta Rivera Diaz @senseandedibility, Marwin Brown @foodfidelity and Anela Malik @feedthemalik.

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With roots in the midwest, west coast, and south, Meiko Temple blends regional flavors in each bold and soulful recipe. In a nutshell, she’s an evangelist of diasporic recipes and stories, cheerleader for cooking with liquor, and an outright abuser of condiments.


Dash of Jazz is a food & lifestyle brand for busy millennial women. Jazz began cooking at a young age and often draws from her Southern Black American and Nigerian heritage for recipe inspiration. On her blog you’ll find fresh meal ideas from breakfast to dessert and inspirational tips to help you balance what matters.


Geo Banks-Weston is a Phillly-based food and lifestyle content creator of the blog Geo’s Table. He also produces and hosts Table 86, a podcast showcasing Black and other underreprestented talent transforming the landscape of the food and beverage industry.


Marta Rivera Diaz is a formally trained chef with more than 25 years of cooking and baking experience. She created Sense & Edibility to encourage advanced and novice cooks, alike, to explore- and succeed at executing- culinary fundamentals and techniques never before explained to them.


Marwin Brown is the founder of the food blog Food Fidelity. Marwin is a music sommelier who pairs music to every recipe. Focusing on reimagining traditional soul food ingredients into flavor-forward dishes.Recipes are mostly inspired by foodways of the African diaspora and often include yard to table creations.


Anela Malik is the founder of food blog Feed The Malik, an influencer, sourdough baker, and writer.She’s been featured in and written for numerous publications including The Washington Post and is known for her work to promote Black-owned restaurants. Anela is also currently writing a book about Black food.