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Nadia Hubbi
Orange County, CA
Food in all shapes and forms consume Nadia’s life. A food writer, a food photographer, and a food manufacturer.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Curls

My Recipes
🍴Hi there 👋🏻🍴 So it’s been a while and I figured you missed us. Right 🤨 personally (nadia speaking) it’s been a tough jet lag and I feel like im just recovering from this whirlwind feeling from the Jetlag and viruses going around 🤯 so this picture is totally Au natural .. Im surprised @simmer918 caught the photo so perfectly even though it wasn’t staged at all . I don’t know how she does it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 happy Friday everyone!
?Tabbouleh, grape leaves, and yogurt fetteh ?2018 is looking good and colorful ???‍♀️
?Purple radish?in honor of the @pantone color of the year ... I bring you purple radishes. Who has ever seen these before ?! Not me ??‍♀️
?Knafe... cheesy pastry with crunchy shredded phyllo dough soaked in an orange blossom syrup ? If you’ve been following Deana and Samar on instastory you know they’ve been on the hunt for a good knafe. This might’ve been número 8 and they said it’s one of the best ones. What makes a good knafe for you??
?Fruit and Nut Goat cheese pops? it’s about that time folks! NYE countdown and time to make fun appetizers that are QUICK and EASY and DELICIOUS! The recipe is in the link in profile ??
?A Syrian breakfast ? fava bean in a tahini yogurt lemon sauce with parsley and tomatoes, chickpeas with toasted pita bread, toasted pine nuts, and a yogurt tahini sauce topped with fresh pomegranate, with a plate of pickled turnips, fresh mint, and olives. Breakfast for champions ?? Are you team #foul (aka fava bean) or team #hummus (aka chickpeas)? ??‍♀️
?Herbed goat cheese and Parmesan stuffed mushrooms?another simple party food perfect for your NYE ? recipe coming up soon but basically stuff them and bake them!
?Fish in Byblos, Lebanon ? who knows the name of this fish that’s famous to Byblos, Lebanon ?? ??
?Sweet Potato crostinis?if you’re hosting this New Years party, you need to have a make it yourself sweet potato crostini station. Because honestly, how amazing do they look ☺️ they taste even better!
?Gingerbread “men’s”?that’s what Ayla calls them haha. One of our favorite activities to do together and one of her favorite stories to read. She ate a couple of the “mens” feet so they don’t run away. What’s your favorite cookie to bake with the kids ?? #bobsredmill #feedfeed #contest