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Nadia Hubbi
Orange County, CA
Food in all shapes and forms consume Nadia’s life. A food writer, a food photographer, and a food manufacturer.

Pulling a Great Shot of Espresso

My Recipes
🍴Chicken sumac and caramelized onion pinwheel 🍴 aka msakhan pinwheel. oh you thought I made cinnamon buns... yaaa, no I didn't because I would end up eating the entire thing. Can't have any of that. Ok who knows what msakhan is 🙋🏻 who usually makes them into a cigar shaped rolls 🙋🏻 who just changed the game and made them even easier 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ ya you know 🙋🏻 link in profile to get the recipe 🤦🏻‍♀️ ** using all favorite emojis 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️
🍴Sweet Pea & Fresh Mint topped with lebne tartine 🍴 as we're getting close to the end of summer , im having mixed emotions. Honestly, it's a tad bit bitter sweet. While I'm going to miss the heat (well, kind of .. this heatwave has been a little much😅.. it's been high 80s .. yes we're spoiled in Southern California 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️) and having Ayla home from school (again..bittersweet lol) and the abundance of fresh fruit, peach season in particular and the smell of sunblock and sand I plan on making this amazingly fresh tartine which is screaming "don't go summer...please stay" it's fresh, it's easy and there's lebne on top.🤷🏻‍♀️I dunno about you but this recipe is a keeper. Link in profile for the recipe 😘
🍴Lebne & Fresh mint dip🍴 clearly judging from my last pic and this one, im on a lebne kick. This is one of my favorite favorite ways to eat lebne. {do I say that about every lebne dip🤷🏻‍♀️🤔} There is an understated ingredient that's used in this version of "amazing ways my mom makes lebne dip" that gives so much flavor and taste so amazing. Link in profile to find out! I would love to hear different ways you prepare your lebne?
🍴mushroom biryani 🍴 so you want to become vegetarian but you can't separate from biryani? I heard your cries, and I present mushroom biryani. 🤗😂🙃 link in profile
🍴Rose macaroons🍴I wish I can say I did more than just photograph and eat these but that's all I did 🙊🙊 I was lucky enough to pick these beauties up for my sister @simmer918 from @jfcakegram . As soon as she handed them to me I had to run inside and photograph them ASAP 😍😍😍
🍴Purslane 🍴 I don't usually see this in the supermarkets but when I do it's a special day. I'm sure everyone with middle eastern background knows what this is used for .... any guesses ??? Link in profile if you want to cheat 😁
🍴Creamed Corn 🍴 THE BEST CREAMED CORN OF EVER. 😄😄 So many of you asked about this when I instastoried it a while ago and I'm so sorry (2 kids; one newborn and one on summer break will do that 😆😅) it took me so long but alas it's on the blog! Recipe link in profile. Love me some creamed corn 😋😋
Peach, Blueberry And Spinach Baby Food
🍴Spinach, Blueberry & Peach baby or toddler food!🍴 I teamed up with @thefeedfeed and @vitamix #ad and used their super cool new Personal Cup Adapter to make Ayla and my new baby boy some super healthy but yummy baby food. My fellow mommies you're going to want to make this, like right now, it's that easy! Recipe link in profile - be sure to check out my stories for behind the scenes. #Vitamix #FeedFeed
🍴Mothers day brunch 🍴 is up on the blog link in profile! Don't forget to extra pamper your mothers and mother friends this year! Tons of inspiration and great ideas on our page and we posted it early enough so there are no excuses for not making this Mother's Day super cute! We'd love to hear your feedback so remember to comment 🙊 FYI #mamaSahar is my mommy 🙊🙊😊😊
🍴Spinach sumac pastry pies 🍴 The ONLY problem with these is they're usually done before they can cool down 🙄🙆🏻 If I'm feeling lazy I use premade dough from the freezer section because the spinach part is so easy to make and then it's a healthy snack/lunch for Ayla!