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No Churn Bourbon Cherry Ice Cream
The one great thing about making so many sweet treats while on a diet is that the kids are currently on school holidays and I can count on them and their friends to make them disappear before I can be properly tempted! This bourbon cherry no churn icecream (the booze gets cooked off before serving to minors) was devoured in one sitting during our bbq yesterday evening
Puff Pastry Tomato Tarts With Feta And Ricotta
The sun may decidedly NOT be shining but that doesn't mean your food can't be summery! These super-easy vegetarian tomato puff pastry tarts with feta and ricotta will bring some sunshine on your table.
Vietnamese Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Went back to school today... sort of. Doing a two day video editing course and my head is currently spinning with all the new information am trying to absorb. Wish I had some extra coldbrew icedcoffee with me but fear not tomorrow I shall come prepared!
Blueberry Basil Moscow Mule
I wrote this post for blueberry basil Moscow mule #cocktails on the way to the airport on my outbound journey. It published just before I landed, hours delayed, tired and hungry. There's no one at Gatwick to let us out of the plane (wish I was joking). Make mine a double!! Get the #recipe #ontheblog #linkinbio #foodporn #foodstyling #drinks #friyay #vodka #feedfeed #f53grams #todayfood #huffposttaste #foodphotography #hautecuisines
Espresso Martini Chocolate Mousse
Think we have all had our fill of pancakes... how about a bite of vegan espresso martini chocolate mousse to cleanse the palate? this decadent dessert/cocktail is made with chocolate and aquafaba and it's ready in mere minutes!