White Chocolate Rose Cupcakes
"ALL the flower things for Easter! Have you tried piping buttercream roses yet?"
-- @stylesweetdaily
Recipe Intro From stylesweetdaily
Here is a quick video of how to pipe a buttercream rose! @styelsweetca uses her favorite Swiss meringue buttercream (whipped on med-low for at least a few min to get all the air bubbles out) with a @wiltoncakes 104 petal tip. To start, pipe the centre bud (a rough cone shape of icing). Keeping the narrow end of the petal tip always facing away from the cupcake, pipe three interlocking petals around/over the centre. This row of petals should be leaning inwards.Next, pipe a row of five overlapping petals. To pipe, keep even pressure on the piping bag and pipe arches around the centre. This time, keep the tip fairly perpendicular so that the petals sit up straight. Lastly, pipe the outmost row of petals. I usually do about 7-8 petals. These petals should be slightly leaning away from the center. This takes lots of practice so try not to get frustrated if your first few don't turn out. Count the petals as you go and try to keep spacing in mind so that the petals are evenly spaced. However, no flower is perfect in nature, so don't stress too much about it.