Homemade Sourdough Burger Buns


Makes about 10 buns


150 g sweet starter (mix 10 g of your active sourdough starter with 30 g all-purpose flour, 15 g water and 10 g brown sugar, leave to double then feed again with 50 g ap flour, 25gr water and 10 g brown sugar; when it doubles use in the final dough; the whole procedure usually takes about 1 day and a half at room temperature 21 degrees Celsius).

Final dough
400 g T500 flour (like all-purpose)
100 g T850 flour (bread flour)
2 eggs (108 g)
190 g milk
8 g salt
10 g sugar
And 80 g butter

Add flour and sweet starter to the mixer bowl, all other ingredients except butter mix together so they dissolve. Slowly add the mixture to the bowl while kneading. Knead with a machine to develop a nice dough structure (smooth), then slowly add room-temperature butter and knead again (knead quite long so your dough will develop nicely and be silky smooth - the key to soft buns). The dough should rise for about 40% in the container, not more, shape the buns, egg wash (1 egg, a tablespoon of milk/cream, pinch of salt), cover with cling foil and leave to proof until nice and puffy (mine took about 4-5 hours at 70˚F. Preheat oven to 400˚F, and give another round of egg wash, sprinkle with poppy/sesame seeds and bake until nice and brown (mine took about 30 minutes).

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