Fluffy Aquafaba Pancakes

"AQUAFABA!!! This stuff is magical! Seriously, if you haven't tried or even heard about aquafaba please listen. I had been hearing about this magical juice that comes from cooking beans for so long and finally took the plunge and made some myself (I cook beans from dried, so I just used the cooking water and boiled it down a bit until it went thick, but if you buy canned beans just use the juice). All you have to do is take the thick liquid and whisk it until it turns into this fluffy white cream (I added 1 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to help it whisk better, but some people use sugar). I've seen a bunch of recipes for using it in vegan meringues or pavlova or marshmallow fluff BUTTTT guys you have to use it for PANCAKES!! They turned out so fluffy and thick and had an almost buttermilk flavor from the vinegar. "
-- @plantbasedtraveler


3 1/2 cups oat flour

2 cups plant-based milk

2 super ripe bananas

6 tbsps water

3 tbsp ground flax 

2/3 cup aquafaba

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar


Puree banana with water and then add in flax to make a banana flax egg (if you don't have flax you could use chia seeds).

Then combine your oat flour & milk in a separate large mixing bowl.

Next add vinegar to aquafaba and then whisk in stand mixer on high for about 5-7 minutes until peaks form.

Add your flax egg to the oats and then fold in the aquafaba trying not to deflate it too much.

Now your pancake batter is ready! If you find it too think you can always add a bit more plant milk. I cooked these on a non-stick skillet so I didn't have to use oil. Then just top with your favorite toppings!!