Influencer Updates Week of 4/15

Influencer Marketing Trends and Updates

WEEK OF 4/15/2024                                                                      By Anna Fatlowitz and Claudia Romero

This week in influencer news, Coachella's shift towards influencer-focused content dims its allure, steering fans to smaller festivals. TikTok ventures into Instagram territory with photo-sharing upgrades, as Instagram trials paying creators. Hershey enlists influencers for KitKat flavor launches, while Japan spotlights lesser-known tourist spots through influencer marketing. Meta explores rewarding engaging Threads content, and "carefluencers" reshape caregiving narratives online. Brands like Poppi embrace partnerships with "tradwife" influencers despite controversies. YouTube sees a shift from rapid-editing to narrative-driven content. Read more below.

Influencer Marketing In the News

Influencer fatigue finds its next victim: Coachella 2024: Coachella isn't as popular as it used to be. Tickets aren't selling out fast, and the focus has shifted from music to influencers, which might lead people to prefer smaller, more focused festivals. Read more

TikTok is pushing brands to post photos instead of videos: TikTok is evolving into a photo-sharing platform, enhancing its Carousel feature and launching a new app, TikTok Notes, to allow more photo posts and compete with Instagram. Read more

Instagram is paying some creators for their posts: Instagram is testing a "spring bonus" program, paying select creators in the U.S., South Korea, and Japan for their posts, with plans to expand further. Read more

Influencers Chosen To Unveil KitKat’s New Flavors In Hershey’s Bold Marketing Move: Hershey's is using influencers to launch new flavors like Apple Pie and Birthday Cake, focusing on genuine promotion and fair pay to boost brand loyalty and engage customers. Read more

Influencers — Japan’s secret weapon to promote niche tourism spots: Japan is using influencers to spotlight lesser-known tourist spots to help distribute tourist traffic and support rural economies. Read more

Meta might pay you if your Threads posts are good enough: Meta is testing a program to pay creators for engaging content on Threads, aiming to boost activity and compete with platforms like X and Bluesky. Read more

What are carefluencers? How influencers are inspiring a generation of caregivers: "Carefluencers" are changing the conversation around caregiving by sharing their personal experiences online, highlighting both the challenges and rewards. Read more

TikTok’s Tradwife Trend—How Brands are Partnering with the Controversial Creators: Brands like Calvin Klein are partnering with "tradwife" influencers despite controversies, drawn by their aesthetic and extensive reach on social media platforms like TikTok. Read more

The ‘Beastification of YouTube’ may be coming to an end: The trend of "retention editing" on YouTube, marked by rapid cuts and vivid effects to keep viewers engaged, is fading as creators move towards simpler, story-driven content. Read more

Recent Viral Food and Beverage Content

On social, we’re still seeing high protein recipes and copycat recipes trending! Additionally, cheesecake recipes are going strong on both Instagram and TikTok. Lemons are having a moment as we look to summer recipes and cozy pastas are back!

High protein (still!): Ferrero Rocher Overnight Weet-Bix, Giant Bang Bang Chicken Rice Roll, High Protein Basque Cheesecake, Oreo Sonic Blizzard, Protein Cheese Paneer Sandwich, Cauliflower Steak with Chimichurri

Cheesecake everything: No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Bars, 3-Ingredient Basque Cheesecake, High Protein Basque Cheesecake (also in high protein), Creamy Churro Cheesecake

Lemons: Lemon Mousse, No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Bars (also in cheesecake)

Pastas: Vodka Pasta, Crockpot Italian Chicken Pasta, One-Pan Creamy Pesto Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake

Copycat recipes (still!): Oreo McFlurry, Cheez-It, Chick-fil-A, Oreo Sonic Blizzard (also in high protein)

Influencer Brand Partnerships

Here are recent partnerships we’ve seen that we’re loving!

@justine_snacks x Cypress Grove: We’re loving this natural fit partnership! Justine uses a decadent opener with ASMR to draw people in. She also uses VO throughout the video and music. She also naturally incorporates the brand within the video. (Side: We’re obsessed with Humboldt Fog cheese too!)

@beingsummershores x SToK Cold Brew: This is a great example of shopper marketing done right! The mixture of in-store shopping with an easy ingredient is a great formula if you need to have in-store shopping in the video as well.

@ricky_and_lesly x Juanita's Foods: This is a super fun partnership that really allows the creators to show their personality and fun throughout the video. Additionally, they were able to receive authentic and thoughtful entries for their sweepstakes.

Feedfeed Influencer Brand Partnerships

Here are some of our favorite recent branded influencer campaigns The Feedfeed team has managed.

Feedfeed x Cascadian Farm - @katvt
Feedfeed x Cascadian Farm - @2hungrydaughters
Feedfeed x Cascadian Farm - @dwellbymichelle

Background on Feedfeed

Feedfeed is your daily source of inspiration for what to cook, bake, eat, and drink, reaching 55M food lovers each month. We are one of the world’s largest social media food & lifestyle publications fueled by a worldwide community of home cooks, foodies, and food industry pros, that tag their social media posts with #feedfeed. Each month, 50K+ posts per month are shared on our hashtag, serving as a real-time peak into culinary trends around the world. Our Team uses the hashtag to discover new food trends, emerging content creators, influencers, and the best content to feature on our channels. #feedfeed has helped us build lasting relationships and connect all the participants of the food world in a meaningful way.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns and Collaborations: Feedfeed creates start-to-finish custom influencer campaigns that align our brand partners with trusted influencers (nano influencers, micro influencers and macro influencers) that create trending content served up to highly engaged target audiences. Feedfeed makes it easy to work with influencers by handling influencer sourcing/vetting, conceptualizing, contracting, creative direction, and reporting for branded content campaigns, Influencer trips, events, seeding, and shopper marketing campaigns, as part of a strategic, comprehensive and cost effective influencer marketing strategy.  Task us with developing influencer collaborations that align with your strategic goals, big or small.

Original Content & Distribution: Feedfeed’s original content studio has been a pioneer and leader in social native organic and branded sponsored content for 10 years, continuing to spearhead new content trends, and formats on emerging existing and emerging social media platforms. We leverage in-house content creators and one of the largest networks of food & lifestyle creators, as well as a wide distribution network across all relevant social and digital marketing channels.

Experiential: Feedfeed conceptualizes and executes engaging IRL (in person) and virtual experiences (zoom and metaverse), including dinner parties, cocktail hours, workshops, panel talks and conference activations.


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