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How to Overnight Oats

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Zucchini Crust Pizza With Arugula Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes And Olives
Zucchini pizza crust (grain free) for lunch today! We topped it with avocado, fresh tomato and walnut "parmesan" while this is the recipe you can find on the blog, with rocket pesto, cherry tomatoes and olives. Choose whatever topping you fancy, but just make that crust cause it's genious!
Chocolate Mousse Nice Cream
YOU GUYS! you can't understand what this chocolate mousse ice cream really is. So thick, rich and creamy. Definitely best chocolate ice cream I've ever had, dairy free or not.
Almond flour waffles (grain free & vegan) with all the seasonal fruit and the quickest raw chock sauce. Details in stories 👆🏻✨ #naturalmentebuono
Beautiful quinces at the usual saturday’s farmers market today ✨ #naturalmentebuono
Weather is getting fresher which means we can start turning out the oven again. Definitely going to start with these sourdough coconut oil croissant from the #naturalmentebuono cookbook 🥐
Sunday mornings are always equals to our banana oat pancakes from the #naturalmentebuono cookbook with berries and pure maple syrup. Plus a cup of jasmine scented green tea and we're on heaven 👌🏻🥞 #morningslikethese