Chocolate Vegetable Brownies

"CHOCOLATE CHIP BROWNIES with HIDDEN VEGETABLES????Recipe #ontheblog (link in profile)?The recipe is based on my eggplant brownie recipe, but this time I was crazier and added even more veggies?Oh how I love to bake with veggies!! They really add something special to baked goods✨And these brownies taste heavenly: soft & chocolatey?We love to eat these with whipped coconut cream (even better if it's pink?) and fresh berries. Definitely my kinda healthy sweet treat! On another note...I haven't been able to reply to all comments because my fingers are painfully swollen?It actually hurts to write?I know the swelling and all other aches will go away in October (due date in a month??)..can't wait! And yayyyy I'm officially on Maternity leave??All the more reason to celebrate with BROWNIES! Happy day / evening to you??"
-- @myberryforest