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Revitalizing Green Smoothie
"Revitalizing Green Smoothie Deluxe- So good, so refreshing. I won't keep you waiting for the recipe! I spent today in the countryside at my Swedish bestie's wedding. We celebrated our friends (it was a great day), I saw people that I haven't seen for literally years, made some new connections, laughed, cried (of course)... & ate lots (of course). It's always a bit of a production getting out & about with 3 small children, but as I sat here, drinking this smoothie with the kids all showered, cosy & tucked in for a peaceful night, I remarked to my husband how proud I was of the kids (they were all awesome today, little sweethearts)... and of us. "We're a good team, aren't we?", I remarked to hubby. "We sure are!", he replied. We meditated together for josefinesmeditationsutmaning. Oh. My. Word. Intense experience! I'm sure it brought us even closer. Now to watch the @newrockstars review of episode 8 of GoT which was, tbh, probably my least favourite episode ever. I had rather high hopes for plot twists & developments. Alas, prior to that episode I'd seen dozens of theories about how episode 8 would pan out, and all of them were more exciting & logical than what came to pass! Episode 9 (traditionally the "wow" episode of GoT) better bring it! And with that, this is my own submission to this week's GoT foodie challenge theme, Episode Titles, (or the full GameofThrones episode list: This wildfire-inspired creation is dedicated to another episode 9 (season 2); Blackwater. Penned by GRRM himself, this episode was one of the most well-received by critics & viewers alike. Oh, for the days of good writing! To join in for fun + a guaranteed feature here+on my blog+in the eBook for charity (see my early FoT posts for deets), include your GoT-related inspo tag me @missmarzipancom in original the caption use the hashtag FoodofThrones2016 Love Marisa"
-- @missmarzipancom

1 tsp premium quality matcha (@matchaeologist ceremonial grade)
Big handful of baby spinach leaves
375ml coconut water
1-2 Tbsp lime juice
5-10 mint leaves
1 frozen banana

Blitz all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Pout into a clean glass, drink, and enjoy!