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Arugula Wreath with Roasted Carrots, Tomatoes and Burrata

My Recipes
Hawaiian style rib lets. Perfect with two fried eggs and streamed rice topped with furikake.?
Its almost that time of season again.#tamaleseason
Seriously craving these tacos de chicharron en salsa roja. A Little something i came up with its basically chicharron cooked with my homemade salsa roja made from toasted chiles de arbol, tons of garlic, and roasted tomatoes.
Miss my cooking days. Made this bad boy 2 years ago when i had time in the afternoons to cook dinner. Simple red snapper stuffed and covers with lemon, garlic, and parsley. With a side of garlic butter shrimp and streamed carrots and bok choy.
Chilaquiles en salsa verde con carnitas y huevos fritos.
One of the reasons why I'd go back to the east coast.
This hot california weather got me craving some greek food.