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Mallory Lance
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Passionate home cook. I love all things delicious & beautiful. Make your own food!

Roasted Tomato and Corn Galette

My Recipes
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
Molten chocolate lava cakes just in time for Valentines Day. If you're looking for something quick & easy but super delicious this is it.
Beet Cauliflower Borscht
Beet cauliflower borscht spiced up with some cardamom. All I want to do is be in a warm cabin making soups and stews in the middle of the woods right now.
Arctic Char Gravlax
Make your own Arctic Char gravlax for New Years Day brunch. I used a brown sugar sea salt cure with grapefruit zest and pomegranate peel. My slicing skills could be better... but this is a fun and worthwhile project.
Charred Corn
Includes how to char corn if you live in an apartment and don't have a grill like me. Now what should I do with my last ear of corn
White Peach Basil Bourbon Cocktail
I'm very excited to say this peach basil cocktail, the ideal late summer drink, is up on the blog today. Make them this weekend with some peaches and fresh basil from the farmer's market!
Zucchini Pesto Bruschetta
And here's the zucchini pesto bruschetta in its completion. With roasted cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, pecorino and burrata. Finished with sea salt, fresh pepper, olive oil and lemon zest.