Mango Yogurt Parfaits

"A rainy Sunday calls for a sunny snack! Today's treat was inspired by the warmth and beauty of India ... Sweet mango purée layered with yogurt (infused with cinnamon, ginger, honey and lime) and Parle-G cookie crumble! I can see the sun peeking from behind the clouds."
-- @lifestyleswithlia

Serves 2

3-4 ripe mangoes
16 ounces (450 grams) plain Greek yogurt
8-10 Parle-G cookies (or other biscuit-type cookie)
Lime juice
Ginger powder

Cut mangoes in small pieces and process in food processor until puréed. Set aside. Mix cinnamon, lime juice, honey and ginger powder into the plain Greek yogurt. Adjust amounts according to taste.

Clean and dry food processor bowl and add Parle-G cookies and pulse until crumbly. In a parfait glass, layer the mango purée, then yogurt, then cookie crumbs. Repeat all layers (if there is space in the glass). Serve chilled.